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Our Story ...

“It’s about color, texture, and the feel of fine fabrics”
Picture of the front of the store including a mural of a woman dressed in vintage dress.

     Dressers- born Threadbare Kid in Cotati , 1970 - is arguably one of the oldest family-run businesses in the County, if not the state! 

It all began when Mary, armed with a degree in psychology, an old sewing machine, and a love of fabric (all textiles, really) moved to Sonoma County. It was the 70's and not knowing how she would make a living was secondary to falling in love with beautiful Sonoma County.  Being the industrious wild eyed flower child she was, she decided to up and start a store with her handmade garments while she figured out what she really wanted to do.

    Nineteen years later... Threadbare was thriving and the decision to grow the business seemed obvious. It was then that time Dressers was born. (Mary threw a baby shower themed grand opening complete with pink bubble gum "It's a girl" cigars.)

    The name Dressers was a play on the idea of us as set dressers ("All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players ") and the new addition to the inventory. The gorgeous custom woodwork by Mary's husband (and Tessa's dad) John Grul. A local legend in his own right, his cabinets, dressers and smaller custom pieces were an instant hit in an unexpected venue.


    Skip a few years down the line and Tessa had graduated from college.. She found that she too loved the clothing business, as well as Sonoma County. After working as a sales rep for high-end European lingerie companies, Tessa decided to move back and get involved in the family business. It was then that the mother-daughter team consolidated the two thriving businesses into one and moved Dressers down the street to the middle of Main Street Sebastopol. Dressers has stayed there ever since.  


     We strive to serve our clients by pulling from our extensive inventory to create a look that is as unique as each of you. We believe that fashion is art and we want you to look and feel your best. Part of that is knowing that if we carry it, we've done our best to make sure the people who made it are paid and treated fairly. Many of our lines are also USA made and we know many of the designers personally. 

     Tessa, and the team, have a passion and talent for fashion and are adamant about making people look their very best. We are often “accused” of helping people grow from their comfort zone into new fabulous looks - which keeps our clients coming back for more. You are our best (and often our only) advertising.  

     We would like to thank our loyal customers and invite any one who likes to shop or hates to shop ( we make it nearly painless) to come in and experience our style!

~Stop on by~
We're conveniently located at 141-145 N. Main St in Sebastopol
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